Next training: December, 12 - 15th 2011.

Netwalk offers a brand new iOS5 hands-on training, using the latest Xcode 4.2 release! The main target of the training is to build a full blown iOS5 app in 1 week time - using future proof methodologies.  We believe coding is very importing, even though we start from a theoretical foundation.

What will you learn?

Basic module

  • Introduction to the Xcode 4.2 development environment, the complete revamped IDE to build iOS apps.
  • A theoretical intro to Objective-C, the object oriented programming language to build iOS.  We talk about classes, objects, properties, message sending, memory management and Foundation classes.
  • Background information about Design Patterns being used throughout the Cocoa Touch framework, including the Singleton pattern, Model-View-Controller and Delegate pattern.
  • A dive into the iOS SDK and iOS technologies.

Essentials Module

  • Develop your own  "Hello World"!
  • Organise data using Table Views.  This is one of the-, maybe most used Control within an iOS app.
  • Navigate between different View Controllers using the Navigation Controller and Tab Bar Controller.
  • Keyboard Input and Gesture Recognizers will also be tackled!

Advanced ModuleIn-App purchase

  • Core Data is the best and easiest way to develop your data modeland save your objects.
  • Location Services and Sensor Integratie to use all iOS features!
  • In-App-Purchase is the ideale solution to make money with "free" apps.
  • A good performantie is important in every product.  We teach you how to use Instruments to solve memory leaks and find performance bottlenecks.
  • Use Storeboards (iOS5) to describe your user interface in a few clicks!
  • No sexy user interface withou Quartz or Core Animation!

Appstore ModuleApp Store

This module focusses on the release part of app development (very important to know your position in the App Store charts!).  The topics of this module:

  • What are the requirements and restrictions implied by Apple
  • Create your own Release Checklist.
  • How to integrate iAd in your own app to create a steady revenue.
  • How to use Sales and Trends in iTunes Connect

Why are we unique in what we do?

  • We offer the training as a combination of modules or as a complete set.  This allows to build a custom learning path.
  • Learning by doing still is the best way to learn new things.
  • We offer an insight into releasing apps into the App Store
  • We have lots of experience in building and promoting iOS apps - we released small tools as well as blockbuster apps.
  • We offer on-site training for parties of 5 oor more persons.
  • We are passionate Mac OS X / iOS developers with more then 20 years, combined real-life experience!

What do you bring with you?

  • A Macbook with Snow Leopard or Lion and your passion for Apple products :)
  • Detailed instructions on what to install will be emailed weeks before training.

What do you get?

What does it cost?

  • A module takes 1 day and costs € 500 (excluding VAT) per developer
  • When booking 3 modules, you get a € 200 discount, resulting in a total cost of € 1300 (excluding VAT) per developer.
  • When booking 4 modules, you get a € 350 discount, resulting in a total cost of € 1650 (excluding VAT) per developer.
  • You can always contact us for special group discounts

Who teaches?

  • Tom Nys: Founder of NetwalkApps and developer of Movies (top 50 productivity app) and ActionNotes (featured as 'productivity tool of the week' by Apple).  Tom has more then 15 years software development experience - from small tools to large client-server apps.  Passionate Mac and iPhone user.
  • Luc Wollants: Senior Mac developer with over 10 year experience in developing state-of-the-art desktop publishing apps.  Passionate about Mac and mobile development for both Android als iOS.

When is the training due?

The training is scheduled for 12 till 15 december 2011.  As the number of seats is limited, you'd better book your seat quickly!

How to book?

Book your seat using the online booking form below.