Record square video in iOS

I've been looking for some sample code on recording square video's (like Instagram) but didn't find a complete working solution. So after some digging around on Apple's Developer Portal and StackOverflow, I took the cow by the horns and made one myself.

Parallax Effect

A parallax effect is, as Wikipedia describes, a displacement or difference in the apparent position of an object viewed along two different lines of sight.  Checkout some cool samples!

For a project I'm working on, I needed such an effect in their iPad app.  As I normally do, I tried looking for available components, though the only references I found were point towards Cocos2D which seemed a bit overkill just to have the parallax effect.

Guaranteed ASIHTTPRequests

Ever needed to use ASIHTTPRequest in combination with guaranteed delivery? (i.e. making sure the HTTP call is performed, even though the network might be down at the moment you fire the initial request)


For our latest project (Rupert Explores), they wanted to add a small puzzle game into the app.  As always, I started looking in Github for possible candidates, and stumbled upon SlidingPuzzleBoard, which seemed perfect for the job.  After playing with it for half an hour, I succeeded in integrating it into the app.  This is how it looks like:

Tappable URLs in Core Text

Ever wanted to introduce tappable URLs within a Core Text frame? This post explains all gory details on how to the this achieved!

iOS PDF Reader

For a new project we're working on (a book app for children, based on Rupert the Explorer), we were looking for a PDF reading module for iPad.

iOS 5 training


Next training: December, 12 - 15th 2011.




Hebt u altijd al een eigen iPhone app willen hebben om uw zaak te promoten? Onze app-template is uiterst geschikt voor KMO's (zoals restaurants, kapsalons, ...) die een eigen app willen, zonder de overhead kosten om een iPhone ontwikkelaar in te huren (die kosten lopen al snel op tot 5.000€, of meer). Wij hebben hiervoor de ideale oplossing: Your-App-As-A-Service (YAAAS).

iOS 7 training


Volgende cursus: 9-12 december 2013.

Netwalk biedt een gloednieuwe iOS7 hands-on training aan, gebruik makend van de laatste Xcode 5.0 release! Het hoofddoel van de cursus is om op 1 week tijd een volledige iOS7 app te ontwikkelen, klaar voor de App Store.  Coderen is dus heel belangrijk, maar wel onderbouwd met een solide theoretische achtergrond.

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